BCN LEGAL & CONSULTING GROUP, is a firm of lawyers and economists, emerged from the integration of several offices (Eco Ius Consulting, Firm Botella & Manich, Jordi Panades I Associats and Font Ausio Associates Attorney) of different geographic locations, and along the years have gained considerable prestige and high reputation in its area of influence. As a result of this development and the effects of achieving an improvement in the provision of services to clients, created BCN LEGAL GROUP, as the only firm to embrace, with all the guarantees and direct way, the wide geographical zone of Barcelona and its regions.

Furthermore, finding the needs of business and diversification of our clients, both in the Spanish state and abroad, BCN LEGAL GROUP has signed several strategic collaboration agreements with partners with law firms and "best friends" for the purposes that, wherever the client's business develops, it can be well cared for, advised and accompanied by professionals themselves or members of our firm.

In terms of activity, it should be noted that our professionals, from the beginning of its activities (the first of which dates back to 1972), were preferentially dedicated to advising companies, the individual customer service, always trying to offer comprehensive advice in any field. Besides, we provide the most common services of legal (civil, labor, penal, administrative, urban or real estate), tax, financial, economic and accounting, and other important aspects such as the audit and business organization level.

We understand that all these facets are necessary and essential to offer our customers services solutions and solvents, to ensure the proper accomplishment of either their business goals and achieve business strategies, as the resolution of personal problems and / or family.

The goal of our office and mission of the team is to help our clients, solve their legal problems and / or significantly improve its performance and results, using all our knowledge and experience.

Similarly, and in order to be able to offer the same quality services we have traditionally offered at a much more affordable price, in line with the new great American innovative firms, we have hired many prestigious reviewers professionals, united by the most practical technology , get the realization of a sophisticated and satisfying work, but flexibly without structural costs, which translates into customer end substantially lower than the market average prices.